100% French Pork Kidney 	Kidney is a great source of essential fatty acids which can help maintain a healthy skin and coat, and digestive system 	A wonderful source of essential vitamins like Vit A, E, K, B12, Iron and Zinc 	Selenium is found in Kidney and apparently acts as an antimutagenic, oxygen-radical scavenger, which gives it anti-cancer properties 	Organs are a vital part of raw diets. To achieve balance it is important to feed liver and other secreting organs to ensure the essential vitamins and nutrients are provided. It is important to note 5% of the organ content must be liver and the remaining 5% must be other secreting organs to complete the organ requirement. 	Wet or dry, our freeze-dried bites retain up to 98% of their nutritional value as well as flavour, texture (when rehydrated) and colour. 	No preservative or additive!

Dehydrated Pork Kidney