Single-protein option - Ingredients: Kangaroo Meat (90%), Kangaroo Liver/Kidney (10%)

With Fruits/Vegetables option - Ingredients: Kangaroo Meat, Kangaroo Liver/Kidney, Vegetables (which are Broccoli, Spinach, Kale, Parsley, Blueberries, Apples and Brussels Sprouts, subject to availability), and Free-range Eggshell Powder


  • Unlike intensively farmed animals, Kangaroo meat is a lean source of red meat that is high in protein, iron and zinc and low in saturated fat. Kangaroos are not farmed so never injected with hormones or antibiotics, and they roam actively in the wild environment feeding on natural vegetation of shrubs and grass. This gives it a gamey flavour which makes it popular amongst fussy eaters or dogs who like a rich taste.

  • Kangaroo offers great nutritional value, providing high levels of Vitamin B, iron and zinc essential for building a healthy immune system. It’s great for young and active dogs. Kangaroo meat also has high levels of Omega 3 and 6 (CLA) which are often lacking in a kibble diet. Both fatty acids are important for shiny and healthy coat and reducing inflammation in the body.

  • Our Kangaroo products are processed in accredited and export-approved establishments in Australia. This ensures that only the highest standards in harvesting and processing Kangaroos are applied to produce meats and organs that we know are fresh.

  • Note that while offals derived from Kangaroo are by de facto considered pet-grade, we only source them from Kangaroos which are inspected and certified as free from diseases.

  • 100% antibiotic/hormone free meats - all natural or wild caught
  • 100% single-protein (we do not mix across proteins) so suitable for dogs with multiple allergies/ on strict elimination diet 
  • Suitable for Raw AND Cook (e.g. steam or cook over stove) 
  • Each pack is about 8 patties - easy to portion for owners during meal time 
  • Suitable for Dogs & Cats 
  • "BARF" patties are recommended by owners who want a complete meal 
  • "BARF" patties are enhanced with Taurine for heart support functions
  • Provides a good base for pawrents who wish to DIY raw or cooked meals, freedom to choose the supplements your furby needs
  • Prepared in AVA-licenced facility


8 x 65g patties

Mix and match with other raw patties, enjoy free delivery above $70 (raw patties only)

Frozen Raw Kangaroo Patties

  • Suggested Feeding Guidelines

    3 - 5 months old - 8% of body weight

    5 - 8 months old - 6% of body weight

    8 months - 1 year old - 4% of body weight

    > 1 Year old - 2% of body weight


    To adjust based on your furby's activity level and through monitoring. If your furby is losing weight, add more to his/her diet, if your furby is gaining undesired weight, reduce gradually

  • Fruits/Vegetables option

    Fruits/Veggies in the BARF patties - may contain any of the following: Broccoli, Spinach, Kale, Parsley, Blueberries, Apples, Brussels Sprouts

  • Delivery

    Delivery is made via temperature-controlled van to ensure food safety and freshness. Proudly and strictly adheres to cold chain best practices when delivering frozen products. Delivered separately from dry treats.

    Free shipping for frozen raw orders above $70 (includes bone broth).

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