Single-protein option - Ingredients: Venison Meat(90%), Venison Liver/ Kidney(10%)

With Fruits/Vegetables option - Ingredients: Venison Meat(70%), Calcium (10%), VenisonLiver/ Kidney (10%), Fruits/Veg(Max 10%)


  • Free-range and 100% pasture-fed, our venison and organs are sustainably sourced from Southern Australian farms. Traditionally regarded as food for the privileged class, Venison is emerging as a safe and clean source of protein that is highly nutritious and low in fat.

  • Our venison is derived from the Red Deer species harvested under strict controls ensuring great taste and consistent quality. They graze freely in open farmland and feed on a natural diet of grass, acorns and nut. They are grass-finished with no added hormones or antibiotics. Venison is therefore considered one of the finest and best tasting lean meat with a very light gamey note (compared to Kangaroo) – which makes it well-received by fussy eaters.

  • One of the advantages of eating venison is that the farming and harvesting process is highly supervised and traceability is guaranteed. Only young and healthy deer are inspected and processed for human consumption. Additionally, each harvest is tested to ensure its microbiological status is compliant with agriculture regulation – so we know that the meats are fresh and free from diseases. This makes our venison a superior choice of meats for all raw feeders.
  • 100% antibiotic/hormone free meats - all natural or wild caught
  • 100% single-protein (we do not mix across proteins) so suitable for dogs with multiple allergies/ on strict elimination diet 
  • Suitable for Raw AND Cook (e.g. steam or cook over stove) 
  • Each pack is about 8 patties - easy to portion for owners during meal time 
  • Suitable for Dogs & Cats 
  • "BARF" patties are recommended by owners who want a complete meal 
  • "BARF" patties are enhanced with Taurine for heart support functions
  • Provides a good base for pawrents who wish to DIY raw or cooked meals, freedom to choose the supplements your furby needs
  • Prepared in AVA-licenced facility


8 x 65g patties

Mix and match with other raw patties, enjoy free delivery above $70 (raw patties only)

Frozen Raw Venison Patties

  • Suggested Feeding Guidelines

    3 - 5 months old - 8% of body weight

    5 - 8 months old - 6% of body weight

    8 months - 1 year old - 4% of body weight

    > 1 Year old - 2% of body weight


    To adjust based on your furby's activity level and through monitoring. If your furby is losing weight, add more to his/her diet, if your furby is gaining undesired weight, reduce gradually

  • Fruits/Vegetables option

    Fruits/Veggies in the BARF patties - may contain any of the following: Broccoli, Spinach, Kale, Parsley, Blueberries, Apples, Brussels Sprouts

  • Delivery

    Delivery is made via temperature-controlled van to ensure food safety and freshness. Proudly and strictly adheres to cold chain best practices when delivering frozen products. Delivered separately from dry treats.

    Free shipping for frozen raw orders above $70 (includes bone broth).

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