• 100% goat’s milk
  • Milked locally
  • Type: Frozen
  • Contents: 200ml


Goat’s milk is also more digestible than cow’s milk for a couple more reasons:

Firstly, the fat particles are smaller than those of cow’s milk. Your dog’s stomach turns these particles into a soft curb, which is easy for the intestines to break down. This allows your dog to digest the milk in just 20 minutes.


Secondly, goat’s milk is packed with probiotics and enzymes, which improve the balance between good and bad bacteria. This means that if your dog has a naturally sensitive gut, goat’s milk will aid her digestion as a whole. It also means that goat’s milk is useful during and after antibiotic treatment.


Your dog may respond badly to cow’s milk due to an allergy rather than lactose intolerance. This is because milk contains the protein alpha-S1 casein. The protein is present in a much smaller quantity in goat’s milk — usually too little to trigger an allergic response.


With high levels of short- and medium-chain fatty acids, goat’s milk provides your dog with energy without causing her to store more fat on her body. These lower bad cholesterol while raising good cholesterol — essential for preventing heart disease. The milk also has fewer calories and unhealthy fats than cow’s milk


If your dog is suffering from inflammation, feed her goat’s milk in her next meal. The enzymes in the milk can reduce the bacteria causing inflammation in her gut. They can also reduce inflammation elsewhere in the body, relieving discomfort. For this reason, goat’s milk is also ideal for dogs suffering from food or environmental allergies.

Another way goat’s milk can help is by repairing gaps between the cells in the gut caused by previous inflammation. This prevents leaky gut syndrome — where pathogens and bad bacteria are able to enter the body and cause an array of health problems.

Goat's Milk

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    Delivery is made via temperature-controlled van to ensure food safety and freshness. Proudly and strictly adheres to cold chain best practices when delivering frozen products. Delivered separately from dry treats.

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