Ingredients: 100% New Zealand Hoki Fish


Our hoki fish is sustainably caught and harvested under New Zealand’s stringent, government-controlled, fish-management system


  • Hoki fish is an excellent source of amino-acids, niacin and vitamin B12. It provides fatty acids like omega 3 and omega 6 which dogs and cats are unable to produce on their own


  • Nearly every chronic disease, from allergies and joint pain to diabetes and kidney disease, is caused by chronic inflammation. And chronic inflammation is caused by a diet that’s high in omega-6 fatty acids and low in omega-3 fatty acids.


  • Can help with improvement of skin and coat health. Its anti-inflammatory benefits also enable it to help with allergies and skin problems, such as dry, itchy skin, hot spots, and rashes


  • Helps improve mobility, joint and heart health, which is especially useful for senior pets, with or without arthritis.


  • Studies have also shown that hoki oil has more than double the amount of anti-inflammatory effect than normal fish oil

Hoki Bites