Ingredients: 100% braided then dehydrated Australian Mackerel fish skin with meat -that's it!


Each piece approximately15-25cm long


  • Bring a taste of the sea to your furby with this fully digestible and hypoallergenic chew


  • No big words, no fancy chemicals and fillers, just simply Mackerel fish meat & skin.


  • Bringing you the same good taste of the Mackerel Jerky, the Mackerel braids provided an added chewing challenge to your furby. Not only is it yummy, it doubles as a dental chew to help remove plaque from your furby's pearlie whites


  • Mackerel is considered to be fatty fish because they tend to have a higher proportion of omega-3 fats than other fish. Due to the high level of Omega-3 Fatty acids in fish, it is a natural anti-inflammatory to the body making it great for dogs with allergies or intolerances to other non-fish proteins. The anti-inflammatory beneifts can also help to heal sore, flaky, damaged or itchy skin


  • Mackerel can offer a number of health benefits for furbies, including Omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin B12, iron, and selenium. It is a rich natural source of Omega 3 fatty acids, which offer a number of benefits for your dog, including improved skin condition, a healthy, shiny coat, and it may even help to reduce shedding


  • Fish is a great, easily digestible protein source for dogs. Especially for dogs following digestive upsets or with liver or kidney disease, whilst being relatively low in saturated fats and empty calories (good for weight control)


  • Supplementing your furby's diet with fish is a great way to provide your dog with protein without overburdening their digestive system in the same way that some protein rich meats do


Similar to our ling fish braids, this chew is most suitable for mild - moderate chewers

Mackerel Braids


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