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Serving up the best of dehydrated single-ingredient treats for your furby's indulgence since 2017.

Meet The Head Chef


Peachie is a fluffy pomeranian living on the sunny island of Singapaw

Catch her adventures on Instagram - peachiethepom

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We are firm believers of knowing exactly what goes into your furbies' mouths, every single ingredient on the ingredient list must be scrutinized to ensure that only the best stuff goes in. At Peachie Shares Her Treats, the ingredient list is simple; no complicated chemical terminology or random additives because we believe that only the best stuff should go to our furbies.

Peachie Shares Her Treats specialises in single-ingredient dehydrated treats made from named meats and credible sources. Most of the treats and chews you see on our menu are made from meats farmed under the strictest quality control in the world.

Indulge in our treats/chews, with peace of mind.

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