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Ingredients: 100% Bull Pizzle


  • Bully sticks are one of the hot favourites of furbies of all sizes. These longer and thicker bully sticks are suitable for medium - large sized furbies


  • Mild odour, strong enough for furbies to go crazy but yet mild enough for pawrents not to gag at first whiff. Residual moisture in a bully stick is the source of odor in bully sticks. Our suppliers of free-range, grass-fed bully sticks simply dry bully sticks for a longer period of time resulting in a product with almost zero moisture—or odor!


  • Long lasting to entertain pups for hours. Toss 1 of these to your dog and you've got yourself some me-time. One of the options to distract pooches suffering from nervousness when you have to be away or get some work done.


  • Great as dental treat since the hard texture + toothbrush shape will help to break down plaque and clean teeth


  • 2 bully sticks are twisted together to present an even greater challenge than the straight bully sticks


  • approx 30 cm long


  • Protein % : 63

    Fat % : 5

Bully Twist

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