Dehydrated Beef Knuckle Coins

Ingredients: Beef Knuckle


  • 100% human-grade raw Brazil-imported beef knuckle, fats removed, painstakingly hand-minced and then dehydrated for many hours at low temperature to retain all the nutrients for your doggo’s benefit


  • We use beef knuckle as it is one of the leanest meat, suitable for furiends who are on a low-fat diet; whoever said being on a low-fat diet is bland and torturous has probably never tasted 100% lean beef jerky


  • All the benefits of Beef Jerky with the added crunch and texture!


  • Choose your favourite herbs as toppings, like the cherry on top


Treats have passed the fussy and stringent taste/quality test of Head Chef Peachie. Peachie will not add preservatives or artificial additives. Rest assured that what you receive is what Peachie will herself eat and therefore treated with love and strict quality control.


Store opened treats in the freezer for maximum shelf-life

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