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Bully Stick - Quickie

Ingredients: 100% Australian Bull Pizzle


  • Bully sticks are one of the hot favourites of furbies of all sizes.


  • Same goodness as our Standard and Thick Bully Sticks but smaller, which means more suitable for puppies who are just starting out with chews or seniors who have lower chewing power


  • Mild odour, strong enough for furbies to go crazy but yet mild enough for pawrents not to gag at first whiff. Residual moisture in a bully stick is the source of odor in bully sticks. Our suppliers of free-range, grass-fed bully sticks simply dry bully sticks for a longer period of time resulting in a product with almost zero moisture—or odor!


  • Long lasting to entertain pups for hours. Toss 1 of these to your dog and you've got yourself some me-time. One of the options to distract pooches suffering from nervousness when you have to be away or get some work done.


  • Great as dental treat since the hard texture + toothbrush shape will help to break down plaque and clean teeth


  • Min. Protein % : 63, Min. Fat % : 5


  • As this is a natural product, sizes and weights of individual sticks may vary, each 50g packet is approx 2 - 5 pieces

Quickie Bully Stick

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