Dehydrated Chicken Feet


  • 100% human-grade raw chicken feet dehydrated for many hours to retain all the nutrients for your doggo’s benefit.


  • Chicken feet are an excellent source of glucosamine, chondroitin and collagen, they also make a good, natural dental chew


  • Parsley added to help improve your pooch’s breath


  • Our Bones of course, like all our treats are not cooked – they are dehydrated at low temperatures to ensure they do not calcify. Its the calcification of bones which occurs during cooking at higher temperatures that cause bone to become brittle and shard into sharp nuggets increasing the risk of causing internal damage or chocking


Minimum 5 pieces, to order 7 pieces, enter 1 piece x qty 7

Order a pack of 11 and enjoy 11 footies at the price of 10!

Get our Jumbo Pack (200g) - for pawties!

Chicken Feet


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