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Dehydrated Duck Breast Jerky

Ingredients: Duck Breast


  • 100% human-grade raw Duck Breast dehydrated for many hours at low temperature to retain all the nutrients for your doggo’s benefit. Made from lean duck breast which makes it a great treat for pooches who are watching their waist line.


  • Crunchy duck chips which hail from... home! Fresh duck from local farms gets freshly prepared and dehydrated!


  • Duck is a cooling meat in TCM perspective; cooling foods help to bring down the inflammation throughout the body, which can alleviate allergy symptoms 


  • Need to pamper a prince/princess furby in your house? Need to reward your furby for behaving well? Give them a treat with this premium duck breast jerky!


  • If you have a fussy pup who gives your trouble during meal times, break some duck jerky bits and use as a topper. The smell of pure meat should encourage them to take some bites from the bowl


  • Choose your favourite herbs as toppings, like the cherry on top


Treats have passed the fussy and stringent taste/quality test of Head Chef Peachie. Peachie will not add preservatives or artificial additives. Rest assured that what you receive is what Peachie will herself eat and therefore treated with love and strict quality control.


Store opened treats in the freezer for maximum shelf-life

Duck Breast Jerky


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